For lawyers and the people who want to date them

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Lawyr is a dating app for people in the legal community and those who want to meet them.

It's not got a lot of the bells and whistles you might be used to. What it has got is a whole load of legal types including solicitors, barristers, law students and legal PAs, a whole bunch of people who want to meet them, and you, pecking like a magpie through their profiles. If you’re a lawyer, it’s finally a chance to trade off your status. You slogged through law school, you scored a great gig, but today the only people you see are either telling you to work all weekend, or trying to avoid you telling them to work all weekend. Now is your time. Meet other lawyers and share your hopes, dreams, fears, bodies and favourite judgments. Or, meet non-lawyers who can appreciate what you bring to the table, such as, well, everything about you, surely.

Lawyr is also for anyone who’s interested in dating someone in the legal community.

Yes, some of the lawyers may look pale, exhausted, and sustained on a diet of black coffee and egg sandwiches. But they have goodness in their hearts and, if you saw them in motion (or lotion), they would look a lot better. Promise.

The legal community is filled with people who are bright, hard-working, funny - sometimes intentionally funny - and they're easy to introduce to your parents. Or your children. In fact, why are we even selling this? It's obvious you need a legal type. Everyone does. Not just to hire - but to hold.